PREMIUM, BRITISH CHRISTMAS TREES in stock from 1st December

A reason to buy real...


A real Christmas tree is a renewable resource and benefits the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releasing clean oxygen. Every acre of Christmas trees grown produces the daily oxygen requirement for 16 people. A hectare of Christmas trees will absorb 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, with a single Christmas tree taking up to 10 years to filter the amount of CO2 produced by a 90 minute car journey.

Nordmann Fir

Best known for its needle holding longevity. Its foliage is glossy and richly blue green in colour. The needles are soft. Ideal for centrally heated rooms and for homes with children or pets.

Nordmann Fir 3/4ft    90-120cm    Cut    £21.00
Nordmann Fir 4/5ft    125 -150cm    Cut    £28.00
Nordmann Fir 5/6ft    150 -180cm    Cut    £42.00
Nordmann Fir 6/7ft    180 -210cm    Cut    £49.00
Nordmann Fir 7/8ft    210 -240cm    Cut    £65.00
Nordmann Fir 8/9ft    240-270cm    Cut    £86.00
Nordmann Fir     80-100cm    Potted    £43.00
Nordmann Fir     100-125cm    Potted    £49.00







Citrus scented, more compact than the Nordmann and ideal for smaller spaces due to its slimmer conical shape. Good needle retention.

Fraser Fir 5/6ft    150-180cm    Cut    £41.00
Fraser Fir 6/7ft    180-210cm    Cut    £53.00






A majestic tree, with excellent proportions for showing off larger decorations. Bluer foliage and slightly smaller needles than the Nordmann but with its fabulous needle-retention.

Noble Fir 4/5ft    120-150cm    Cut    £34.00
Noble Fir 5/6ft    150 -180cm    Cut    £49.00
Noble Fir 6/7ft    180 -120cm    Cut    £58.00






The traditional Christmas tree, strong and sturdy with an excellent shape and a classic Christmas scent.  Small, sharp green needles with ability to withstand cold and damp. Not a needle-fast tree but watering daily will slow the needle drop.

Norway Spruce 3/4ft    90-120cm    Cut    £19.00
Norway Spruce 4/5ft    125 -150cm    Cut    £23.00
Norway Spruce 5/6ft    150 -180cm    Cut    £27.00